Precor EFX546i Version 3The EFX546i Verison 3 Elliptical incorporates Precor’s CrossRamp Technology which allows users to focus on a variety of lower-body muscle groups by simply adjusting the elevation of its ramps. Its electro-magnetic breaking system provides a quiet and efficient workout, while its Double Step-Up Flywheel allows users to closely simulate the motion of walking or running with minimal impact. It is designed with a Soft Touch Display that allows users to easily adjust their settings with the graze of a finger instead of the push of a button. Additionally, the EFX546i provides users with the option of striding both forward and backward allowing them to target different areas of the lower body. With 20 levels of resistance and 9 workout programs, the Precor EFX546i is a self-powered elliptical that is designed to accommodate its users in both a home and commercial environment.

Price: $300

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions: 80” L x 30” W x 62” H (203 x 81 x 168 cm)
Unit Weight: 230 lbs. (105 kg)
Resistance Levels/Programs: 20 Levels, Manual, Crosstraining, Gluteal, Interval, Weight Lost, Quickstart, etc…
Contact Heart Rate Yes
Power Requirements:  Self Powered or 110V