Compared with traditional cross trainers which have only one type of movement, the bio mechanics of Crossover simultaneously involve the legs in extending, abducting, flexing, and rotating actions. Compared with treadmills or running outdoors, Crossover does not require a high degree of coordination, because the movement is guided. In addition, because there’s no contact with the ground, there is less impact on the knees and the joints in the foot. Safe for knees and ankles.  The motion of the equipment itself helps you keep your lower limbs in a proper line. Visioweb is the new interactive digital platform that transforms your workout into into an engaging interactive experience. You can now surf the Web and discover new experiences whilst you train. Explore your favorite websites, look at your photos, watch your videos, and relax with the most enjoyable games

Price: $950

Condition: Used, Functioning
Difficulty Levels: 1-25
Overall Dimensions: 64” x 30” x 67” (1625 x 752 x 1692 mm)
Unit Weight: 340 lbs.
Maximum user weight: 400 lbs.