Life Fitness LeMond RevMasterThe LeMond RevMaster is a durable, easy adjustable & maintenance indoor group cycling bike. Every component of the LeMond RevMaster has been designed to be more innovative, comfortable, and durable than any other indoor group cycling bike.  The RevMaster uses a strong & smooth Kevlar belt instead of a chain.  The belt never needs to be oiled and replaced due to stretch like chain indoor group cycling bikes.  The belt system also offers the rider a smooth and quiet ride.

Price: $150

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions: 38″H x 41.5″L x 22.25″W (97 cm x 105 cm x 48 cm)
Unit Weight: 116 lbs. (53 kg)
Maximum user weight: 300 lb ( 136.2Kg)
Power Requirements: None