Technogym Group Cycle

Train like a true cycle racer and discover how easy it is to keep fit or improve your sports performance. The superior biomechanics and ergonomics allow users of all sizes to always find the correct set up for the best performance each and every time. Riding Style Variety: Superior biomechanics and ergonomics ensure correct posture whilst riding and enable all users to enjoy the uncompromising performance. 

Fast & Simple Setting system: Allows rapid, safe adjustment to the settings

Total Training: Keep your cardiovascular system healthy, strengthen your legs and glutes, improve and maintain your physique, help manage your weight, and maintain joint mobility.

Price: $450

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions: 23″ W x 46″L x 47″H
Unit Weight: 134 lbs
Resistance Levels: 20
Power Requirements None, Self Powered, Cordless