Keiser M3 2nd Generation With Monitor Spin Bike

The M3  Next Generation cycling bike is incorporated in Keiser’s M Series cardio line. It is unique in the fact that is utilizes an innovative magnetic resistance system which offers infinite adjustment levels. Its sleek design includes dual placement comfort handles, a four-way adjustable seat position, and Shimano™ combo pedals. The M3 also incorporates a smooth resistance shifter which delivers a quiet workout for its users. The adavnced computer system displays RPM, Power output in Watts, Heart Rate, Pedaling time, Gear(Resistance), and Distance to make your workout more effective.

Price: $650

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions: 49″ x 26″ x 45″ ( L x W x H)
Unit Weight: 85 Lbs (38.56kg)
Maximum user weight: 300 lb ( 86.56Kg)
Features: Adjustable Shimano Combo Pedals, Easy Transport, Gravity based water bottle holder, Dual placement comfort handles, adjustable seat, adjustable handle bars, smiith resistance shifter, comfortable saddle, virtually maintenance free
Computer Features: RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), Power Output Displays in Watts (currently generating), Polar compatible heart rate monitoring, pedaling time, Gear, Odmeter/Trip Distance.
Power Requirements: None