Browse our selection of used, commercial grade steppers and stepmills. Click on the images below to learn more about each unit!


Stairmaster Gauntlet
$ 2,250
Stairmaster SM916 (with TV)
$1,600Stairmaster Sm916 Metal Steps Stepmill gray Console with PVS
StepMill SM916 (Plastic)
$1,650Stairmaster SM916
Stairmaster SM916 *Metal Steps*
$ 1,500StairMaster Stepmill SM916
Stairmaster 7000PT *Gray Console*
$1,450Stairmaster 7000pt Gray Console Stepmill (metal Steps)
Stairmaster 4600 Freeclimber
Gray Console
Stairmaster 4600CL Freeclimber Gray Console
Stairmaster SC916
$750StairMaster SC916 Stepper
Stairmaster Freeclimber *Blue Console*
$300StairMaster 4600CL (Blue Console)


Precor CLM 835 Stepper
$950Precor CLM 835
Life Fitness CLSS Integrity Stepper
Life Fitness CLSS Integrity Stepper
Life Fitness 95SILife Fitness 95Si Stepper Precor C776iPrecor C776i Experience Stepper with TV
Life Fitness 95SeLife Fitness 95Se Stepper