Precor C764i StepperThe C764 climber from Precor works with the natural forces of the human body. For example, the Precor C764’s advanced fall-rate control system responds instantly to the user’s stride to deliver accurate speed adjustments and smooth, fluid climbing action regardless of the weight or climbing style of the user. Exercisers touch the Precor C764 climber with their feet, with their hands, and with their minds, so we made those points of contact comfortable, easy, and stimulating. The most meticulous life-testing in the industry ensures the reliability and stunning performance of this stepper. The C746 climber is an exercise in simplicity, in durability, and in common sense. To give your clients the best climbing workout available consider a refurbished Precor C764 climber. Our remanufactured Precor C764 climber is like new but priced below market value. We specialize in top-quality refurbished exercise equipment sold at deep discounts for fantastic savings.

Price: $250

Condition: Used, Serviced, Functioning
Dimensions: 49” L x 32” W x 68” H
Unit Weight: 185 lbs
Maximum user weight: 650 lbs
Power Requirements: Input Voltage 120V | AC 50-60Hz
Resistance Levels: 10 levels
Stepping Speed Rate: 20-150 feet per minute