The FreeClimber 4600PT is similar in make to the 4400PT with the exception of new easy grip Upper-Body handles and contact heart rate sensors. It is designed with Stairmaster’s patented independent cushioned pedals, which help users to maintain a proper posture and provide a low impact workout. Its LCD display features integrated progress monitors with six workout programs: quick start, manual, fat burner, calorie burner, speed intervals, and heart rate zone trainer. Additionally, the FreeClimber 4600PT includes ergonomically designed side rails, a reading rack, and cup and accessory holders. The space efficient 4600PT was designed to maximize comfort for users while also challenging them to a vigorous lower body workout.

Price: $550

Condition: Used, Serviced, Functioning
Dimensions: 70″H x 44″L x 22″W (178 x 112 x 56 cm )
Unit Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg )
Maximum user weight: 300 lb (136.2Kg)
Power Requirements: 110 Volts