Precor 966i Experience Treadmill with TVThe Precor 966i Experience Treadmill is one of Precor’s newest models. It was designed by Precor to withstand long periods of use, while requiring minimal maintenance; it is, therefore, a desirable piece of cardio equipment for any commercial or home use. This treadmill is a generally desired piece of cardio equipment because of its Touch heart rate monitor (conveniently located at the center of the front handlebar), advanced 4.0 HP motor, and Ground Effects Impact Control System.

Price: $ 850

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions 88” L x 35” W x 64” H (224 x 89 x 163 cm): TV height is not included
Unit Weight: 508 lbs. (231 kg) :TV weight is not included)
Incline -3%-15% in 0.5% Increments
Speed 0.5-16 mph (1-25.5 kph)
Motor: 4.0 hp peak-duty AC Motor
Running Surface: 60” x 20” (153 x 51 cm)