StairMaster TreadClimber  TC5 Tread Climber has a commercial grade double-treadmill system that combines a stair stepper with a treadmill for the perfect cardio burning machine. You can burn twice as many calories as a treadmill. The TreadClimber TC5 has taken the best features of a treadmill, elliptical, and stair climber and engineered this one-of-a-kind cardio-fitness equipment. TreadClimber TC5 also allows for a natural stride length, so there’s no compromise for short or tall users. TreadClimbing is a natural movement – it improves your functional mobility, strengthens your core and makes everyday tasks easier to do.

Price: $


Condition: Used, Functioning
Speed: 0.5-14 mph
Incline: 0-18 %
Dimensions 82.5″ L x 35.8″ W x 69″ H (209.5cm x 90.9cm x 175.3cm)
Unit Weight: 700 lbs (318 kg)
Maximum user weight: 400 lb (181 Kg)
Power Requirements:  110v 20AMP