The Star Trac Pro 7600 comes equipped with two personalized fans integrated into the console, a user-friendly display screen, a motivation ¼ mile track, 9-user specific workouts, an innovative Aero Bar handle which provides alternative positions for holding a 5 HP motor (in opposition to the 3.0 motor on the 5600) and several other equally desirable features. Some of the additional features include Soft Trac triple cell cushioning system, which allows for the most amount of shock absorption, and it comes equipped with a pre-lubricated belt and deck system; this ultimately allows the user to enjoy the treadmill for a long time without any waxing needs.

Price: $450

Condition: Used, Functioning
OverallDimensions: 85″ L x 34 ” W x 58″ H
Unit Weight: 323 lbs. (146.5 kg)
Maximum user weight: 500 lbs (227 kg)
Voltage 110V