Techonogym Run EXC 700 The Techonogym Run EXC 700 is one of the safest and user-friendly treadmills for cardio training. The user can walk or run in a gradual controlled way to perform an effective and safe workout for the heart and joints, as well as to achieve workout objectives such as slimming and toning. The Run EXC 700 has features that make the workout really safe such as the raised icons on the Fast Track Control that enable the user to easily identify the commands for changing the intensity of the workout. It also has an acoustic signal with a reverse countdown from 3 to 1 to signal the start and end of the exercise. Additionally is has 14 programs available; quick start, time, distance, calories, CHR, manual, training zone, weight loss and profile (6).

Price: $1,200

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions: 59’ H x 37’ W x 86’ L
Unit Weight: 430 lbs
Incline: 0% – 15%
Max. Speed: 14.2 mph