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June 22,2017

Cybex Freeweight Package Hammer Strength Linear Leg Press Stairmaster Freeclimber CL4400 (Gray Console)Stairmaster 4600 Gray Console Stepper Cybex Smith Machine
Freemotion Circuit – 5 Pieces Cybex Cable Crossover  Hammer Strength Seated Bicep Hammer Strength Seated Dip
Hammer Strength Seated Calf

June 13,2017

Life Fitness 91T TreadmillLife Fitness 91Ti Treadmill Life Fitness 90T Treadmill Life Fitness 90X CrosstrainerLife Fitness 90x Crosstrainer Life Fitness 91Xi CrosstrainerLife Fitness CLS Crosstrainer
Hoist 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack Used Weights Medicine Ball rack Vertical Dumbbell Rack

June 12,2017

Hammer Strength MTS Circuit – 6 Pieces Cybex VR3 Circuit – 16 Pieces Cybex VR3 Circuit- 12 Pieces Cybex Adjustable Benches
Cybex Flat Benches Cybex Hyper Extension Cybex Chin Dip Assist Cybex Smith Machine
Cybex VR1 Abdominal Cybex VR1 Back Extension Cybex Bent Leg Ab Board Cybex Decline Bench
True Stretch Cage Precor Stretch Trainer Precor ABx Bench Cybex Vertical Knee Raise
Precor V Crunch Cybex Plate Loaded Leg Press Cybex Two Tier Dumbbell Racks Abcoaster
Cybex VR3 Abdominal Life Fitness Pro 2 Abdominal Life Fitness Signature Abdominal Bodymaster Rotary Calf
Cybex Modular Towers

June 5,2017

Precor TRM 835 (With PVS)Precor TRM835 Treadmill w/ pVS Precor TRM 835 TreadmillPrecor TRM833 Treadmill Precor TRM 885 TreadmillPrecor TRM885 Treadmill P80 Console Precor C956i Treadmill (With PVS)Precor 956i Experience Treadmill w/ PVS
Precor C956i Experience TreadmillPrecor 956i Experience Treadmill

June 1,2017

Cybex 770 Total Body Arc Trainer Matrix Ultra Circuit- 17 Pieces  Power Systems Mutli Purpose Station Matrix T7Xe Treadmills
Matrix E7Xe Elliptical Matrix R7Xe Recumbent Matrix U7Xe Upright Matrix Live Strong Spin Bikes
Matrix Functional Trainer Matrix 8 Stack Hurdles Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Circuit
Heavy Bags Hampton Dumbbell Set 5-100 Lbs  Hampton Urethane Plates Bosu Balls
Sleds Jacobs Ladder VersaClimber  Speed Bags with Wall Mount
Concept 2 Skierg Concept 2 Model D Rower

May 23,2017

Life Fitness CLST Integrity TreadmillsLife Fitness CLST Integrity Treadmill Life Fitness CLSX Integrity EllipticalsLife Fitness CLSX Crosstrainer Life Fitness CSLR Integrity RecumbentsLife Fitness CLSR Integrity Recumbent Exercise Bike Life Fitness CLSC Integrity UprightsLife Fitness CLSC Integrity Upright Bike
Cybex 750A Arc TrainersCybex 750A Arc Trainer

May 22,2017

Life Fitness Pro 2 Circuit Keiser M3Keiser M3