Fitness Trends 2017

With the new year, there is always a surge of exciting health and fitness related goals! Sadly, research shows that around 80% of us will give up on our resolutions before accomplishing our goals; sometimes as soon as six weeks into the new year. Since we are now into February, there is a good chance that about less than half of us have already abandoned our 2017 goals. If you are one of the people who have already given up, it’s not too late to jump start your goals again!  In 2017, though, there are lots of exciting new and affordable trends in the fitness industry to help keep us all on track!

1. Wearable Technology will be a big hit in 2017. Look for new and exciting updates to the industry with improvements to the Fitbit, Apple Watch, the new Android Wear, and even Smart Shoes! Investing in an interactive way to keep track of your fitness goals will encourage you to keep working towards those goals now that you can track your progress so easily.

2. Body Weight Training will make a big come back this year. If you find yourself giving up on your goals because your new gym is too expensive or the crowds deter you; remember classic Body Weight Exercises. You can challenge yourself at home with no extra equipment with classic and highly effective workouts like Squats, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, running and much more. You can achieve HIIT workouts utilizing Body Weight Training as well. Check out this awesome article from Shape that shows you how you can achieve your goals without leaving your house or investing in expensive equipment.

3. If you hate cardio, then you will be happy to know Strength Training will continue to be popular in 2017. More people are realizing that lifting weights and focusing on strength training will not make you bulky; but will increase your muscle mass causing your body burn fat and boost your metabolism! Check out our selection of new weights we have for sale.

4. Having a hard time self-motivating? Then join a group exercise class; which will continue to be popular this year with a wide variety of different exercise classes to choose from. Outdoor group exercising will also be trending this year with activities ranging from group hikes, to casual sporting teams, kayaking and many other outdoor options. There are many websites you can check in your area to find out where these exercises are happening such as Meetup, or even REI’s website.

Also, get used to hearing the phrase “Exercise is Medicine,” in 2017, as it is going to start being adopted by many people including employers. With health care costs on the rise in this country, people (including employers) are realizing healthy people are happier and more productive. Find out what keeps you motivated and go achieve your goals! Comment below and let us know what works for you!