For some people, making it to a secondary location to work out every day is just not an option. In these cases, a home gym is the perfect way to stay motivated and on-track with your fitness goals. There are many factors that go into tailoring the perfect home gym for your specific preferences.

First, you need to decide what purpose your home gym is going to serve. Is it going to be your go-to spot for Yoga and relaxation? Will it be the place you go to get a quick HIIT workout in? Or maybe it will be your personal cardio studio. Identifying what you want to accomplish in this space is the first step towards a successful home gym. Once you have made this decision, it’s time to set the ambiance to cater to your goals.

If your plan is to use your space for Yoga or meditation; create an area that will provide a peaceful mind set. Make sure the area is free of clutter and just have the necessities present and ensure you have enough space for all the stretching you plan to do. A yoga mat, towel, meditation pillow and plenty of natural sunlight are going to be key to create the right ambiance. If it’s possible, think about keeping the walls in this area painted in soft and relaxing colors and when using artificial lighting, keep it soft.

To create a space where you can get a good strength workout in, HIIT exercises are going to be key players in maximizing space. Since you can use your body weight for most HIIT exercises, you won’t need a lot of space-taking equipment. Small pieces of equipment such as a jump-rope, set of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, pull-up bars or resistance bands can maximize your workout while taking up minimal space. A jump-rope is way smaller than a traditional cardio machine, and can get your heart rate up in just minutes. Adding weight with dumbbells and kettlebells won’t be necessary until you have hit a plateau with using just your body weight. Adding other pieces like a medicine ball, resistance bands or plyometric box isn’t necessary for a home gym; but having options to switch up your workouts will help keep you motivated and engaged. Having a stop watch or clock will be necessary to make sure you are hitting your high intensity exercise for the right amount of time as well as keeping your rest periods down to maximize your results. (Click here to see our selection of used & new freeweights)


If you have the space for some strength or cardio equipment, make sure to get dimensions on everything before purchasing and setting it up. When you have the dimensions, map out the space it will take by marking off the areas with tape or other objects to get an idea of just how much space you will have. Filling your space with too much stuff or machines that are too bulky can create an over-cluttered ambiance which may cause you to feel stressed or restricted while working out. Smith Machines or squat racks are excellent additions if you have the space for them because they can both be very versatile machines what will allow lots of possibilities to get creative with your workout. (Check out our selection of used squat racks and smith machines).


Home gym using equipment purchased from CSM Fitness Equipment.

If your workout area is going to be somewhere dark like a basement, hanging mirrors can help brighten the area and make it feel bigger. Also, having mirrors hanging can be a great point of reference to check your form if you plan to work out alone. Getting creative and trying different approaches that work best for you and your fitness needs is going to be the best way to create the home gym that is perfect for you.