Urethane, Rubber & Hex Dumbbells:
Is there really a difference?

Hex Dumbbells:

Hex dumbbells are most commonly known for being an economy dumbbell choice. Their ends have 6 sides which prevent them from rolling when placed or dropped on the ground. They typically have contoured handle grips dipped in chrome and the ends typically have a light rubber coating; but are not made from rubber. At CSM Fitness our Hex Dumbbells are made from Natural Rubber and have ergonomically contoured handles.

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Rubber Dumbbells:

Rubber dumbbells are a step-up in quality from hex dumbbells. The rubber is typically made from the sap of trees and as a result is biodegradable. Since rubber is biodegradable; dumbbells made from rubber will deteriorate over time as well as crack and expand with excessive sun exposure. Rubber dumbbells are not recommended for use by anyone who has a latex allergy. At CSM our rubber dumbbells are made from Hard Shore Natural Rubber and have welded, solid steel cores with Industrial Chrome Handles.

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Urethane Dumbbells:

Urethane dumbbells are the highest quality dumbbells. They are abrasion, cut and tear resistant as well as tolerant to grease, oil, and oxygen. Urethane is impact resistant and shock absorbing; which means they are less likely to damage the floor when dropped or incur damage themselves. Since urethane is man-made and not biodegradable, they will not crack or expand or change in different environments. Other benefits of urethane include lack of odor (that is common in rubber products) and a smooth sleek feel as opposed to the tacky feeling commonly associated with rubber dumbbells. CSM Fitness sells urethane dumbbells that are composed of a pressed and welded solid steel core and BASF Urethane for optimal weather and climate protection.

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