What is an Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT), and what are its benefits?

You’ve probably heard of or seen Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT) in your gym by now. But what makes them so special, why are gyms and cardio fanatics-alike choosing these new AMT’s over standard ellipticals?

People often describe the Adaptive Motion Trainers as a cross between a Treadmill, Stepper and elliptical. The AMT allows you to reap all the benefits of an elliptical; plus, more. An AMT has an “open-stride” which allows for longer stride lengths for both upper and lower body movements. The pedal height is adjustable and the pedals themselves rotate in addition to moving forward and backward, providing a wider range of movement throughout your workout. The pedals can be adjusted to mimic the motions of a stepper by shortening the stride length and increasing the step height. Shorter step up heights and longer stride lengths provides a motion like running or jogging. Another benefit of the AMT is that even when you are using the machine to mimic running motions; your foot stays on the pedal which eliminates impact on your joints. This is a great benefit for exercisers with joint problems.

Precor AMT835 Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer with P30 Console

Another benefit of the AMT, is that it has been proven to burn more calories than other cardio machines. In addition, the AMT typically requires a lower level of physical force; allowing you to exercise for longer amounts of time and burn more calories.
The console has a feature called the “Stride Dial,” which lights up to show the exerciser how far their stride is going in comparison with the total length of available stride. By paying attention to this feature, you can see how much you can increase or decrease your range of motion based on your workout goals.

Since the AMT can mimic the motions of Treadmills, ellipticals and steppers; they make a great addition to any fitness facility because they can cater to the cardio needs of almost anyone looking for a cardio workout.