Precor C956 TreadmillThe PRECOR C956 TREADMILL offers many benefits that make it a leading treadmill in the fitness industry. Specifically, its 3.2 HP motor guarantees a long lasting, steadfast machine which will require very little (if any) maintenance work. The presence of a touch heart rate and telemetric heart rate receiver give the user an opportunity to fluctuate between target heart rates and heart rate goals. Additionally, the PRECOR C956 comes equipped with a Ground Effect Impact Control System which gives the treadmill a cushioned running surface and support deck; ultimately, this will provide more support for the joints and lower back, and result in a more comfortable workout.

Price: $550

Condition: Used, Serviced, Functioning
Dimensions 86″ L x 37 ” W x 57 ” H (218.5 cm x 94 x 144.8cm )
Unit Weight: 365 lbs (164.3 Kg)
Max User Weight: 400 lbs (180 kg)
Preprogrammed 21
Speed 0.5-12 mph
Motor: 3.2 hp
Heart Rate Touch heart rate and telemetric heart rate receiver