Strength Circuits and Gym Packages

Complete Gym Set Up! Life Fitness Signature, Hammer Strength, Cardio, Brand New Dumbbells, and MORE!
Price: $50,500

November Promotion: $45,000
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Life Fitness Signature Freeweight Circuit-38 Pieces
Life Fitness Pro 2 Circuit-18 Pieces
Life FItness Pro 2 Lateral Raise
Life Fitness Pro 2/ Signature Circuit-16 Pieces
Life Fitness Pro 2 Chest Press
Life Fitness Pro 2/Signature Circuit-15 Pieces
Life Fitness Pro 2 Circuit-14 Pieces
Life Fitness Pro 2/Signature Circuit-13 Pieces
Cybex, Flex/Star Trac, Life Fitness/Hammer Strength Circuit-57 Pieces
Nautilus Nitro Circuit-23 Pieces
Nautilus Nitro Plus Circuit-18 Pieces
Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Circuit-14 Pieces
[Pending Sale]
Technogym Circuit-12 Pieces
Cybex, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Precor Freeweight Circuit-30 Pieces
Life Fitness Pro 2 Circuit-9 Pieces

Hammer Strength MTS Circuit-8 Pieces
Cybex Eagle Circuit-10 pieces
[Pending Sale]
Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Circuit-12 Pieces
[Pending Sale]
Cybex VR1/VR2 Circuit-13 Pieces
Hammer Strength MTS Circuit-7 Pieces
Star Trac New Impact Circuit-10 Pieces
Star Trac Impact Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Machine
Freemotion *New Style Circuit – 15 Pieces
Freemotion Step
Freemotion Epic Strength Circuit-12 Pieces

Precor Circuit-12 Pieces
[Pending Sale]
Hammer Strength MTS Circuit-6 Pieces
Nautilus Nitro Circuit-11 Pieces
Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Circuit-9 Pieces
[Pending Sale]
Freemotion *New Style* Circuit – 10 Pieces
Freemotion Dual Cable Crossover
Freemotion *New Style” Circuit- 9 Pieces
Freemotion Circuit – 6 Pieces
*New Style*
Freemotion Circuit – 8 Pieces

Freemotion Squat
Nautilus Xpload Circuit-5 Pieces
Star Trac Human Sport Circuit-4 Pieces
Star Trac Human Sport Circuit-3 Pieces
Freemotion Circuit-6 Pieces
*New Style*





Star Trac Human Sport Circuit-4 Pieces
Hammer Strength Freeweight Package-65 pieces
Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Circuit- 9 Pieces
Nautilus Xpload Circuit-6 Pieces