Price: $14,950

Circuit Includes a(n): 45 Degree Super Seated Leg Press (plate loaded), (2) Hyper Extension, (6) Adjustable Bench, (2) Barbell Racks, (2) Smith Machine, (3) 2-Tier Dumbbell Racks, Accessory Rack, Adjustable Decline Bench, Cable Crossover (selectorized), Deadlift Platform, (2) Seated Preacher Curl, *Olympic Decline Bench, (2) Olympic Flat Bench, (2) Olympic Incline Bench,  Olympic Military Press, (3) Plate Trees, Seated Calf (plate loaded), Squat Rack, Standing Preacher Curl, T-Bar Row, (4) Utility Chair, VKR, (2) AbX Bench, Bicep (plate loaded), Row (plate loaded) and (3) Stretchers.

*Not Pictured

Circuits must be bought as a package and will not be broken up. If you are looking for individual strength machines.
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