There are conventional treadmills and then there are Slat Belt treadmills by WOODWAY USA. The patented running surface is unlike any other. Your members will rave about how great it feels to run on the rubberized slats, their joints and connective tissues will also take notice. The Desmo is near silent so they can carry on a conversation with their neighbor or turn down the headphones down a notch.

Its Low friction ball bearing transportation system completely eliminates the need for a deck. And the near frictionless drive system of the Woodway Desmo S allows for over 30% less electrical consumption. This Is made to last a lifetime!The Desmo S is the ultimate treadmill and will distinguish your facility from the competition. Your members will appreciate the smooth and comfortable running surface and you will appreciate the most durable treadmill on the market.

The Desmo running surface provides ample space for users and best of all there is no hood, your members can utilize the full running surface with a totally natural gait pattern.

Price: $2,200

**NOTE: This specific Woodway has a blemish in the middle of the screen, but does not affect the overall operation of the treadmill. **

Condition: Used, Functioning
Dimensions 80″ L x 38.5″ W x 38″  (203 x 98 x 96.5 cm)
Unit Weight: 475 Lbs.
Max User Weight: 500 Lbs. Running
800 Lbs. Walking
Speed Range: 0 – 12 MPH
Running Surface: 22″ W x 68″ L (55 cm x 173 cm)
12 Workouts – including manual (non-motorized) mode
Speed, incline, distance/calories, time/pace and heart rate/METs,
Power Requirements:  110 V | 50 – 60 Hz
Motor 2.0 HP Continuous 5.0 HP